Top 5 Supplements For Our Dogs

We choose to add supplements to our fur kids’ food because we believe most food is deficient in many vital vitamins and minerals. To be honest they probably get more supplements and better food than we do. Making the best choices for them to help their little bodies thru their entire lifetime.

As I was exploring the web on this topic, I saw a very popular answer to “does my dog need supplements?”. The popular answer was “Only give your dog vitamins, minerals, or supplements in the following situations: Your vet prescribes specific vitamins/minerals after diagnosing your dog with a deficiency.” This got my dander up a little..lol. In today’s world, I’m not hearing of many vets telling pet parents to supplement their food. If your vet is, keep them close and work with your vet for your fur kids’ health. As an educated and rational pet parent, I see the value in research and quality supplements for my dogs (and cats).

We have chosen to align with 2 primary supplement companies for our products. None are labeled for pets only. I choose Young Living Essential Oils and Standard Process brands because of their integrity and quality. We have also used some herbal/TCM supplements from our holistic vet when needed. Anyone can order from YL, but you will need your vet to give you access to order from Standard Process.

Let’s dive and and explore what we use.

#1 Sulfurzyme Capsules* (Young Living Essential Oils): “This helps replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue. MSM also supports the immune system, the liver, circulation, and proper intestinal function and works to scavenge free radicals.” So you can easily see why we use this with ALL our animals. When they are in a little bit of “need” we often increase their intake. We learned about this supplement after using a vet joint formulation that cost a lot of $ and we saw little results, so we figured we would try what we used bc everything in the product dog friendly. It made sense to use this. One order would be used by everyone in the home. As a member of Young Living, we saved money too. WIN-WIN. The dogs each get one capsule per meal as a maintenance dose. As with all supplements, go low and slow to let their little tummies adjust.

#2 OmegaGize3* (by Young Living): “omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement that may support general wellness. Used daily these ingredients work synergistically to support normal brain, heart, eye, and joint health“. Another no-brainer here. Nothing in this product would hurt our animals so why spend money on a product that may have lesser quality and no essential oils in it. And again, we are YL’ers so……WIN-WIN. I’m all about making life easy. They each get one per meal (so 2x a day). Our dogs have various health concerns so we like the bonus of these ingredients every day.

#3 MultiGreens* (by Young Living): The greens in this formula are spectacular. We originally started with this supplement because it had the essential oil of melissa in it. We liked the benefits this gave to a little pug body bitten by a few ticks. After much investigating, we realized the pacific kelp used had huge health benefits. It could boost the circulatory system beyond what any food could do. Bee pollen was also included and we already knew how amazing it was for bodies who need extra support. All this (plus more) together in one capsule had my attention and we haven’t looked back. Every day, every meal they get one capsule.

#4 Detoxzyme* (by Young Living): Helps in the complete digestion process. Digesting starches, sugars, proteins, and fats. It has been known to help cleanse the liver, thus preventing candida and yeast overgrowth while promoting detoxification and parasite cleansing. The phytase in this product helps unlock minerals that may be lost in the digestive process. Basically, it’s all about increasing the absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements. Again there is nothing I’m worried about for our dogs.

#5 Iplex (by Standard Process): This one we use for Kallie (and occasionally for Trigger). She is blind and has scar tissue on her eyes. This is one of the 3 supplements she is on for her ocular support. Supporting her healthy eye vascular tissue is a priority. She is now 16 and we have been on this supplement for a few years. We notice when we run out.

BONUS: We love pre-sorting our supplements to make it easier at feeding time. This is a great one:

These are the basics of our supplements. We feed a prepared raw mixed with raw dehydrated and add plenty of clean, fresh water from our Berkey.

Another great tool to invest in is the Animal Reference Guide by Life Science publishers. You can get it here (while it’s still in print).

*As always, please do no order these from anyone but Young Living. If you don’t have an account, let me know so I can help you save on every order (and you don’t have to sell products to save money).

This post may contain affiliate links. Additionally, remember that I am not a doctor and any health statements must be verified by your doctor.

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