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Why we ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living’s Farms are the heart beat of this community.

This all started because we had a house full of pups with issues, I had no idea the journey ahead of us. We hope you can relate and jump on this journey with us…..ready???

I was running a very busy mobile dog grooming business and Kevin was working crazy hours at a printing company. Kevin and I had only been together a year and I had 3 pugs, a lab, and a cat at home. Seems like a lifetime ago (2010). We both were looking for “things” to help us sleep better and some new gadgets to better our lives. We just wanted to get out and do something that day. We had no idea we would meet a stranger who would change everything we knew about life……….

jack, arnold, pugsley, daisy and baily the lab

We heard a man talk about essential oils and let me tell you it was boring and way over my head. BUT, I heard some things that got my attention and thought… “WHAT IF”, What if this is something that could help Pugsley and Arnold….what if I tried it and what if it gave us some relief. I went home with some ideas in my head, some ideas to look into, some essential oils that sounded like something I needed in the house. My research (2010 was a diff world for Essential oils online) gave me the info that I needed to hear and that the company I was just introduced to was the best on the planet. HMMMMMMMM………

So, I called (not sure I texted much then) the above stranger and said something like..”hey I found out that this oil called copaiba is exactly what I’m looking for and that Young Living has such high standards for purity that its safe for animals. I always thought essential oils were dangerous to animals. But after some rabbit holes, I learned that many Eo brands are just made in a lab. This is crazy, it’s like it’s the stuff they scent candles with and call it essential oil.” She was floored that I dove in that deep to help my animals. If you know me, you know…I’m in it for the animals. They can’t tell me how they feel so I have to make extra sure everything is perfect for them. They are my kids.

So we decided to get started with a bunch of oils and mail in a coupon for a diffuser. While researching essential oils, I learned about the toxicity of candles and knew we had to ditch those if we were going to really make some changes. Link to a great article on candles HERE. I thought they were harmless but I was wrong. We now had a closet shelf of high-end candles that had to GO!!!!

I had used essential oils in the past but was always told “they are dangerous for animals” so I never really knew their full potential. I was only exposed to stuff I would find at the health food store near us so that may have been where some of the misinformation came from. When I say misinformation I’m NOT saying they were wrong, bc they were giving me correct info for the products they were selling. They had no idea the background of the company and labeling laws for essential oils. Did you know they fall into the same category as cosmetics? Crazy right.

According to the FDA’s website “There is no regulatory definition for “essential oils,” although people commonly use the term to refer to certain oils extracted from plants. The law treats Ingredients from plants the same as those from any other source. ” So our government treats essential oils from trees/plants the same as the ones that are man-made in a lab/factory. This line made me realize WHY you have to understand the integrity behind the company making/handling the essential oil.

Also according to the FDA “If an “aromatherapy” product is intended to treat or prevent disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body, it’s a drug.” That is why we can’t make any medical claims. The law also says “Companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility for ensuring that their products are safe and properly labeled.” This is a self-regulated industry. Again we had to learn about the company behind the label and products. All this info lead me to Young Living bc of their (almost ) 30-year history and vast knowledge of these plants and their essential oils.

Young Living is dedicated to the science behind essential oils and the quality of the products. I’ve had the opportunity to visit our farms in Utah, Idaho, British Columbia, and Ecuador. I’ve seen the dedication to the seeds, plants, distillation process, and the knowledge behind each step of the process. I know these products are made by the earth to align with our bodies on the journey that we call life. Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee that is like saying “I got your back on this, nothing to worry about”

I hope this brings peace to your mind about using the best essential oils on the planet. Everything I talk about is about this ONE brand of oils. We will chat about MANY non-YL products but we will never talk about any NON YL essential oils. Please do not take anything I say about this brand and use it with another brand.

This post may contain affiliate links. Additionally, remember that I am not a doctor and any health statements must be verified by your doctor.

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